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Aerial Activities In Dubai

Other than skyscrapers, beaches and shopping complexes, Dubai is a famous destination for indulging in aerial activities. Explore the landmarks, vast deserts, and infinite ocean from the bird's eye view. You can try Skydiving, Seaplane Tours, Hot Air balloons, Ziplining, Parasailing and Helicopter tours in Dubai. All these activities are very safe and conducted by experienced professionals. Also, get discounts on a combo package or club it with your stay package. If adventure is in your mind, you should definitely try aerial activities, to get an adrenaline rush. It is the best way to explore the city from another perspective and battle against the speed of the wind. You will be in the sky, soaring and surveying like a fearless bird. So next time when you are in the city of gold, say yes to all the adventures and thrills the place has to offer you.

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Hot Air Balloon Dubai experience
Hot Air Balloon

Want to experience calming aerial activities in Dubai? You must try the Hot Balloon Ride, as you get the most magnificent views and can enjoy it despite your fear of heights. You fly at the height of 4,000 feet, which gives you a beautiful aerial view. If you can time your ride perfectly, you can get the chance to encounter the perfect skyline. On this trip, you will also gaze over the camels and experience the desert habitat like never before.

Cost: The package would be around AED 400.


  • Sail over the vast Arabian Deserts and witness its true beauty.
  • Be amazed by the infinity of the ocean.
  • Relax and enjoy the aerial view of the dunes and camels.
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While booking the adventure aerial activities in Dubai, don't forget to book the parasailing package. Soar like a bird in the sky and fly against the speed of the wind. A harness will be attached to a vehicle that will pull your canopy and take you 100- 200 meters above the ground. This 7-8 minute ride is a fun and adventurous activity you will not want to miss.

Cost: The package starts from AED 310.


  • Experience the best parasailing on marina beach in Dubai.
  • Get a scenic view of the beach from 200 meters above the ground.
  • Feel the fresh air flowing against your body.
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Xline Zipline Dubai

What can be more thrilling than crossing a sea gliding on a rope. If you want to try some adventure aerial activities in Dubai, you must try the zipline. Dubai has the largest, steepest, and fastest zipline in the world.

Cost: The package around AED 650

Highlights: Your zipline will start from Amwaj Tower. Get an aerial view of tall skyscrapers looking like small buildings. Zoop through the zip line like a real superhero as you marvel at the vistas

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Seaplane Dubai
Seaplane Tours

You may have taken a helicopter or boat ride, but the seaplane ride is a new experience. There are two takeoff locations-Jebel Ali Beach Hotel and Mina Rashid. Both the rides start from the water and take you up to the sky.

Cost: The package starts from AED 1780.


  • Get a bird's eye view of the significant landmarks in Dubai.
  • Experience parasailing on the Marina beach, and enjoy a breathtaking view.
  • Float 200 meters above the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Burj al Arab- the iconic hotel.
  • Your seaplane journey will begin from water and take you to 1,500 ft height.
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Skydiving (2).jpg
Sky Diving

Skydiving is one of the aerial activities in Dubai that you will surely want to experience. An experienced skydiver will accompany you on this ride to ensure your safety. During the summers, it gets hot, so try doing this activity in winter or early morning to view the sunrise.

Cost: The package starts from AED 1699.


  • Get ready to jump from the plane at a height of 13,000 feet.
  • Float in the air for approx 5 minutes and get the perfect aerial view.
  • There are two drop points- Palm Dropzone and Desert Dropzone
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Helicopter Tour of Dubai
Helicopter Tour

There are plenty of aerial activities in Dubai, but nothing could beat the fun of exploring the city in a helicopter. Explore the helicopter tour in atlantis, it is one of the most popular modes of transport to see all the landmarks in the city. It is time to explore the city from an aerial perspective.

Cost: The package starts from AED 841.


  • Cruise over the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Coastline.
  • Explore the deserts and infinite oceans.
  • Fly over more than 30 popular places and get amazing photos.
  • Get mesmerized by the majestic skyline.
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FAQ's Of Helicopter Tour Dubai

What are the top sightseeing places to see while helicopter tour Dubai?

Burj Khalifa: The tallest building in Dubai that stands proudly at 828 meters. No helicopter tour is complete without soaring over this landmark.

Burj Al Arab: This is the most iconic luxury hotel in Dubai, with a private beach.

Dubai Coastline: The three islands, Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Palm Deira form Palm-shaped islands. This coastline gives the most mesmerizing aerial view..

Dubai Creek: This natural saltwater creek extends 9 miles and is a port for transport and trading.

What is the difference between Seaplane Tour vs. Helicopter Tour Dubai?

These two are the most popular aerial activities in Dubai. The seaplane takes off and lands in the water, whereas the helicopter tour starts and ends in the helipad.

How long is the longest zipline in Dubai?

Zipline is one of the most popular aerial activities in Dubai. The longest zipline in Dubai is 2.8 km.

How much does parasailing cost in Dubai?

It will cost you approximately AED 399 for the 25-minute parasailing in Dubai, but with the discount offer, you can grab fancy discounts. You can get a video package for approximately AED 449.

Are Dubai Helicopter Tours worth it to experience?

If you are planning for an adventure aerial activities in Dubai, you must try Dubai Helicopter Tours. It is a thrilling and adventurous mode to explore the whole city. Even for the people who have visited Dubai in the past, it is an experience they must try.

What is a zipline adventure in Dubai?

Adventure aerial activities in Dubai have always been on demand for tourists. It has the longest zipline in the world and is the steepest and fastest one. The total length of the zip is 1 km and is 170m in height. Take this slide in the air and enjoy the magnificent scenic beauty of Dubai.

What do you wear on a hot air balloon in Dubai?

Wear something comfortable and avoid skirts or long dresses, as they can cause hassle while climbing in and out of the hot air balloon. During the winters, wear something warm, as it gets colder in the deserts.

How many people can sit in a hot air balloon?

The passenger hot air balloons can hold up to 32 people, and there are smaller hot air balloons for a single person.

How long does skydiving take in Dubai?

The whole skydiving process can take up to 3- 4 hours. The freefall lasts 60 seconds, after which the parachute gets deployed, and you glide in the air for 5- 7 minutes. It takes time to calculate your BMI, fit your gears, and discuss with the instructors and photographer.

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